The Red Spot Press

Miranda Cruz


Doctor's Helper (Curvy First Time Doctor Menage Erotica)

It isn't until she's spread helpless across the exam table that she finds out just how impatiently the doctors have been waiting to get their hands on her ...

Sarah's had her new job as a nurse at the screening clinic for more than a month now and she's been having fun: flirting with the handsome, young doctors and occasionally sneaking peaks at the way they touch and explore the women who come in for exams. But now the hospital administrators have discovered she's fallen behind on her own medical check-ups, and they won't let her work until she's been brought up to date.

She's always taken a bit of pleasure in the embarrassment of the patients, but now it's going to be her turn. It's mortifying to think of the men she works for exploring her soft, generously curved body, but the handsome, well-hung doctors don't seem to be all that reluctant ...

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only and features intensely erotic situations, handsome older doctors and an untouched younger BBW, medical examination, multiple partners and rough group sex, dominance and submissiveness. All characters are 18 or older.

This title includes themes and passages that have been adapted from Jessica Whitethread's The Nurse Gets Examined with full consent of the original author.

Approximately 24 pages (6000 words) in length.

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First Published 2017-08-28 by The Red Spot Press