The Red Spot Press

Jessica Whitethread


The Caspari Encounters Part One: Exposed

When Samantha Vichy arrived for work in the morning, she was not at all prepared and not at all dressed for the assignment about to be thrust into her lap. Often neglecting her personal needs and languishing in her professional life, she is far from the model emissary of high society. Yet following the illness of a coworker, she finds herself serving as the impromptu hostess of a visiting intellectual, Nobel laureate Adrian Caspari. What begins as an intimidating professional encounter soon blossoms into much more as she comes to learn the true identity of a man half the world admires through the letters on a page. Will this thrilling prospect prove to be just one more source of frustration and inadequacy in Samantha's life, or might it offer the possibility of a new chapter? Will the encounter and its consequences be limited to the professional realm, or will things take a more personal turn? Dive into 'Exposed,' the first, complementary installment of 'The Caspari Encounters,' to follow Samantha as she begins to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Approximately 15 pages (3900 words) in length.

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romance, erotica, love, affair, erotic romance, humiliation, exhibitionism

First Published 2013-09-03 by The Red Spot Press