The Red Spot Press

Jessica Whitethread


Blind in the Mansion Book Three: Heart Unbound (Billionaire, BDSM, Erotic Romance)

With Joanna's submission to Ewan now established, their relationship is becoming an increasingly large part of her life. Beneath the sexual and psychological intensity of their time together, other, deeper emotions begin to grow as well. Joanna is soon asking herself questions that she has no answer to. Are her feelings reciprocated? Is she simply a rich man?s toy? Would he disapprove of these new emotions if he knew? As familiarity builds and the emotional stakes increase, the chance of fatal misstep seems to grow, rather than fade.

Approximately 36 pages (9000 words) in length.

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romance, erotica, romantic, bdsm, bondage, mansion, humiliation, billionaire, minnesota, exhibitionism, aristocrat, armistead

First Published 2013-12-06 by The Red Spot Press