The Red Spot Press

Jessica Whitethread


The Dinner Party Centerpiece

Erica's dominant, Jonathon, has come up with an interesting way to involve her in a dinner party he intends to throw for some of his old law school friends. Although she is self-conscious around the high society that Jonathon moves in, he is going to have her serve the food over the course of the evening and has designed a very special outfit for her to wear for the occasion. The guests of the party will be given buttons to trigger a vibrating harness underneath Erica's dress and are encouraged to use it as a way of thanking her for her prompt service. If that weren't enough, an already horrified Erica is told that the penalty of spill or misstep will be to serve dessert without the harness, or the dress. As the night unfolds, her attempts to avoid this terrifying prospect may accomplish nothing but to place her at the center of a spectacle more provocative than anything originally planned.

Approximately 28 pages (7000 words) in length.

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Punished into Submission, Punished in Public, Humiliation Sex Erotica, Humiliation and Submission, bdsmerotica, Forced Exhibition, Public Spanking

First Published 2014-04-16 by The Red Spot Press