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Jessica Whitethread


School Discipline Bundle (Student/Teacher Spanking and Humiliation Erotica)

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, taboo teacher/student relations, discipline, spanking, humiliation, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or older

School Discipline contains three stories of discipline, submission, dominance, and humiliation in the classroom.

Disciplining the Teacher

If she's being honest, Sandra Rogers sometimes enjoys jerking around the male college students in her classes ? but when she goes too far with her bad marks, she finds out there's someone in her class who won't get pushed too far. Jackson, an undergraduate after completing his military service, has discovered a dirty little secret that Sandra will do anything to keep from getting out into the open. He's willing to keep this secret between them, but he wants to be sure that still gets the punishment she so very much deserves.

Caught By My Professor

Rachel Stanton has always found ways of using her good looks to get ahead, and when she arrives in college it doesn't look like that's going to have to change. But her easy ride runs out when her professor Alex Cossaign notices her flirting with a classmate only to copy his course work. The handsome professor decides it's time to teach her a little personal responsibility and maybe show the flirtatious young woman just what a man who actually knows how to handle her charms looks like.

Naughty Rumors

Annie doesn't know why she started the rumor about Professor Richardson, her handsome and popular literature professor. Maybe it was just a plea for attention, or maybe it was just a way of making a long-hidden fantasy become slightly real. But whatever the reason, the rumors have made their way to the Dean of Student Affairs Mr. Clay himself, and when Annie is called down to the office on a Friday afternoon, she finds out he's heard a lot more. Once past the initial mortification, she can admit she's probably earned the spanki

Approximately 74 pages (18600 words) in length.

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First Published 2014-11-27 by The Red Spot Press