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Jessica Whitethread


Learning to Surrender - Property : Discipline, Submission, Exhibition, and Humiliation (Series Book 3)

She'd only known him a few hours, but already she wanted to learn how it felt to please him. He left her with a necklace that he says marks his property, and deciding to put it on has promptly turned Heather's life upside down.

Troy spends half his time in a private jet, has to dodge reporters when out in public, and by now he owns half the city skyline Heather's always been such a sucker for. He has the power to do anything, but does he want more from her than she can give him in return?

Reader Advisory: This story is part of a series intended for mature audiences only and which features intensely erotic situations, an enigmatic and dangerously alluring billionaire, the younger woman he draws under his spell, forced exhibition, public humiliation, discipline, dominance, and rough sex. All characters are 18 or older.

Approximately 30 pages (7500 words) in length.

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bdsm spanking discipline, erotic romance, billionaire, blindfold submissive erotica, spanking humiliation, alpha male dominance romance, younger woman submissive

First Published 2016-10-29 by The Red Spot Press