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Curves and Sex Pills (BBW Bimbo and Aphrodisiac Menage Bundle)

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, alpha males and BBWs, multiple partners, public sex and humiliation, hazing, medical examinations, the use of potent aphrodisiacs, exhibitionist themes, submissiveness and dominance. All characters are 18 or older.

Curves and Sex Pills contains three fun, sexy stories of BBW bimbofication, menage, and public exhibition:

Horny Pill for the Curvy Girl

Sandra Malke has had a tough week rushing the Phi Gamma sorority: following instructions that range from unpleasant to outright humiliating, but she's made it this far and wouldn't dream of giving up now. That is, until she hears what her final assignment is going to be. Apparently she's managed to piss off the chapter president, and in return her final afternoon of rush week is going to be an intense one. But does it have to be with two fraternity brothers she's never met, and in public? And do the sisters have to give her a pharmaceutical-grade aphrodisiac to be sure she'll go through with it? It all sounds a bit excessive, but deep down she probably can't deny she finds the prospect a little thrilling, too.

The Doctor Prefers Curves

Between a tough job and tougher grad school classes, Rachel McAlister is being stretched to the limit. What she really needs is something to help her let go and unwind, and her doctor has just the stress relief medication. Its only drawback is a certain rare side effect in individuals with a lot of latent sexual tension, though Rachel is quick to deny to her handsome young doctor that this could be a concern for her.

But when he issues her the drug and keeps the voluptuous young woman in his exam room for monitoring, the truth is bound to be unleashed before long.

Busty for the Billionaire

Sasha's four years in college were supposed to prepare her for bigger and better things, but working for a man like Elli

Approximately 88 pages (22200 words) in length.

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alpha male, forced exhibition, dominance submissive obedience, bbw curvy girl chubby, billionaire boss menage gangbang, bimbofication transformation, breast expansion aphrodisiac, public humiliation dubcon

First Published 2015-02-13 by The Red Spot Press