The Red Spot Press

Nina Nauheim


Under Her Thumb (A Femdom Role-Reversal Humiliation Erotic Story)

She punctuated her words with a little squeeze that made me jump, and I caught a cruel little laugh in her voice at my skittishness. "Shy, though," she observed. "Not even a man enough to show your true colors."

Reader Advisory: This story is for mature audiences only. It features intensely erotic situations, a dominant woman and submissive man, humiliation, role reversal, femdom dominance and discipline, spanking punishment, and degrading backdoor sex. All characters are 18 or older.

It's not Emily Clarrette's fault all the men who work for her wind up obsessed with her. She knows she's beautiful. All she can do is punish them until they learn to behave ...

Notice: This title includes themes and passages that have been adapted from Jessica Whitethread's Code of Conduct series with full consent of the original author.

Approximately 22 pages (5700 words) in length.

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First Published 2020-05-28 by The Red Spot Press