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S M Partlowe


Learning Experiences: Gay First Time Older Man MMM Student Professor Menage Collection

The thought of disobeying never crossed Nick's mind. His body was flooded with a feeling he'd never felt before. It was strange and hot and eager. He liked being touched and controlled.

A stud professor might be fun to admire from the back row, but if you're the guy caught stepping out of line in his class, the lesson on who's in charge won't be an easy one ...

Learning Experiences is a collection of three standalone erotic stories of college discipline and first time gay experiences.

Reader Advisory: These stories are for mature audiences only and feature intensely erotic situations, discipline, dominance, first time anal sex, a lot of charged up hot guys who think they're straight and some who know what they want from the start. All characters are 18 or older.

Approximately 68 pages (17000 words) in length.

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First Published 2016-07-29 by The Red Spot Press